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Head to the shops and grab your copy of MEGA 44 - out now!

In our new issue, we've got all the latest on the upcoming LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens AND Skylanders Superchargers games.

Then, we've crammed the issue with all your faves - Euro 2016, Angry Birds, We Bear Beras, TMNT, Ultimate Spiderman, Adventure Time and more!

PLUS! A huge reason to grab yourself a copy - the first episode of our outrageous new comic... The Poo Crew! It's just too mucky to miss!

Ostriches have larger eyes than any other land animal, which helps them to spot lions!



Every MEGA Magazine comes with amazing gifts. In this issue, you'll get...

- An epic double dart shooter

- A free pet (sort of). It's a gross, giant slug - perfect for pranking parents!